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Agriculture and Forestry Virtual Career Fair

Forestry and agriculture, although smaller industries, are currently struggling with filling local vacancies. The forest sector continues to see small growth in Centre and North Hastings. Consultations showed a disconnect on communicating the career opportunities in both industries. These industries are often overlooked by high school students and job seekers.

A virtual career fair will be held for Forestry/Agriculture as a combined event that will be open to participants from school boards, private schools and the public. It will include a keynote speaker, panelists, virtual tours and activities for the students.

Agriculture may see the development of a further virtual event for businesses in this industry that would deal with succession planning done in partnership with other community or Ministry organizations. Based on regular conversations with people in this industry, most people who own an agriculture related business have not prepared any succession plans. Without succession plans in place, the existing workforce can be significantly impacted.