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Health Care HR Strategy

In 2018-19 and 2019-20, CFWD conducted research on the local health care sector to get a sense of the recruitment and retention issues it was facing. In 2020, a forum was held where workers and employers in the industry met to discuss both the results of a local Health Care HR survey as well as what a five-year vision of success would look like.

The forum resulted in identifying key gaps and needs as well as key initiatives and actions. A steering committee is leading the development and implementation of the identified initiatives and actions so that the gaps and needs can be better addressed by the local industry.

A copy of the Health Care HR Strategy can be downloaded at the links below.
Health Care Human Resources Report
Rapport sur les ressources humaines du secteur de la santé

In 2020, a video was shot that encompassed career paths within Long Term and Home Care. It included interviews with a variety of workers locally in positions such as Personal Support Worker and various management levels. These employees reflected on their career paths and why they came to live, work and play in the region! The video will be available in our YouTube account soon.