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Virtual Job Fair Platform

Businesses across Eastern Ontario are struggling to fill jobs across all industry sectors, from entry level occupations to higher skilled ones including skilled trades opportunities. The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it even more difficult for employers to fill the many job opportunities that exist. Employment Ontario Employment Service (EOES) Providers have been trying to implement on-line job fairs as have some of the Local Boards across Ontario. This Ontario Labour Market Partnership Project will provide job fair hosting through a standardized platform to ensure both employers and job seekers in Eastern Ontario are able to participate in a consistent manner, ensuring a positive user experience. This will result in increased employer participation as well as job seekers having better and wider access to employment opportunities.

A secondary impact will be the ability of employers to attract new talent to the area, including immigrants looking to settle in Eastern Ontario. A good virtual job fair platform will make it easier for international job seekers to access potential employers in Eastern Ontario.

The project consists of two parts. A consultant will lead research into the various platforms available and provide a recommendation for one platform to be used. CFWD will provide coordination of the platform access for Employment Ontario Employment Service Providers across Eastern Ontario and assist with the marketing and implementation of the Job Fairs.